10 Best Heat Press Machines To Start A Side Hustle

Over the past few years the heat press machine has become more popular with budding entrepreneurs wanting to start a side hustle and top up their income.

The heatpress machines have started to become more sophisticated while getting cheaper.

It’s the perfect time to buy one.

Whether your needs are to increase your income stream or just to customize your clothes. Make sure you buy the best one that matches your budget. But which ones the best.

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10 Best Heat Press Machines To Start A Side Hustle

We’ve got all the best heat press machines on the market. All for you to browse, compare and make an informed decision about purchasing.

We’ve put together this list based on personal experience, product reviews, features, price and quality

For those in a hurry, we’ve listed our top 5 here.

Hotronix 11″x15″ Heatpress Auto Open
Stahls Hotronix Fusion Swing Away Heatpress
F2C 5 in 1 Professional 360 swing away
Cricut EasyPress 2
PowerPress Digital Clamshell

1. Hotronix 11″x15″ Heatpress Auto Open

#1 Best Heat Press Machine

Hotronix 11″x15″ Heat Press Auto Open

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Hotronix heat press auto open

Stahls are one of the best manufactures of the heatpress. The quality of their machines are the best on the market.

If you have a decent start up capital for your side hustle, I Would definitely recommend purchasing one of these.

Product Information

  • 11″ x 15″ Heat Platen with a Space-Saving Clam Shell Design!
  • Warranty: 1-5 years
  • Auto Open at timer end
  • Made in USA

Best build quality.
Built to last.
Ideal for commercial and professional use.
Auto open feature.

A little pricey but worth it.

Learn more about the Stahls Hotronix now on Amazon

2. Stahls Hotronix Fusion Swing Away Heat Press 16″ x 20″

#2 Best Heat Press Machine

Stahls Hotronix Fusion Swing Away Heat Press

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Stahls Fusion Swing Away Heatpress

If you have the budget then this heatpress in for you.
It’s the most high tech commercial grade heat press on our list.

Fitted with a touch screen that allows you to choose from frequently used application settings. The Stahls Fusion swing away is upgraded with the fusion IQ control board, which features advance wireless technology.
These enhancements allow you to interact with the heat press anywhere at any time through a web-based portal. These enhancements allow you to download performance report. Meaning you can expand your side hustle by outsourcing.

Commercial Grade
Most high tech
Download usage reports remotely
Ideal for continuous use.

Not for casual use.

Learn more about the Stahls Hotronix Fusion Heat Press now on Amazon

3. F2C 5 in 1 Professional Digital Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away

#3 Best Heat Press Machine

F2C 5 in 1 Professional 360 swing away

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F2C 5 in 1 Heat Transfer Press

The F2C pro is first on our list. It’s a multifunctional heatpress, allowing you to press a wide range of items from t-shirts to plates. The swing away action means it’s completely light weight and compact.

The F2C comes supplied with:

  • T-shirt Plate size (telfon-coated): 12″ x 15″
  • Hat/Cap Press 6″x 3″ (curved)
  • Mug Press 3″-3.5″ diameter (11oz)
  • Plate Press 5″ max diameter
  • Plate Press 6″ max diameter

Ideal for home product branding and personalization.

Multifunctional (increase ability with one press)
360deg swing arm.

No instructions
A few review mention faulty parts however with the 1-year warranty this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Learn more about the F2C 5 in 1 now on Amazon

4. Cricut EasyPress 2

#4 Best Heat Press Machine

Cricut EasyPress

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Cricut Easy Press

The Cricut Easy Press 2 is the most popular heat press on the list, however this isn’t higher because it doesn’t scale with your business.

It’s available in 3 different sizes, 6×7, 9×9, 12×10.
This is ideal for the homemade children clothes, however I have seen professionals use it due too its ease of use and high quality performance.

Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you professional iron on results in 60 seconds or less.

Ease of use
lightweight and portable
Designed for HTV (heat transfer vinyl)
perfect for baby boutiques but comes in larger sizes
It’s easy to use, right out of the box.
The EasyPress 2 remembers your last-used temperature.

You have to apply pressure unlike traditional heat presses.
The cost is a little steep.

Learn more about the Cricut EasyPress 2 now on Amazon

5. PowerPress Industrial-Quality Heatpress Machine

#5 Best Heat Press Machine

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

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PowerPress HTV machine

This nice looking machine makes our list because its sturdy, well-made and has a lot of user reviews that sing its high praises.

It’s fitted with a Teflon coated heating plate so no need for them annoying sheets.

Teflon coated
Looks, feels amazing

Poor customer service
Some customers report heating issues

Learn more about the PowerPress Heatpress now on Amazon

6. Fancierstudio Digital Heatpress 15 × 15

#6 Best Heat Press Machine

Fancierstudio Power 15 × 15 Heat Press.

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Fancierstudio Power Heatpress

This heatpress is the highest rated press on Amazon.

It’s extremely durable and give professional results every time.
The high temperature range and heavy clamping pressure means your design stick to the clothes much better.

Temperature range – 0-699 degrees F.
Clamping pressure
Widely used and reviewed, giving a piece of mind when buying.

Because of the clam design you need a big working area.

I’ve used this for some time and find the ease of use amazes me.

Learn more about the Fancierstudio now on Amazon

7. VEVOR 8 in 1 Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

#7 Best Heat Press Machine

VEVOR 8 in 1 Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

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This heat press is another all-in-one that offers multiple uses for the money.

Perfect for a start-up/side hustle because it comes with 8 different attachments. Including:

  • 1 x full-assembled machine with Teflon-coated platen press
  • 1 x Hat/cap press
  • 4 x Mug presses
  • 2 x Plate presses

Comes with 8 attachments
More money for your buck
Lighter than most
360 swing arm
Cheap price

T-shirt’s plate is slightly smaller than others.
You get what you pay for.

My conclusion with this one. If you can afford a more expensive than you should.

Learn more about the VEVOR 8 in 1 now on Amazon

8. Cricut Easy Press Mini

#8 Best Heat Press Machine

Cricut Easy Press Mini

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Cricut EasyPRESS mini

The Cricut Easy Press is a perfect little press for all the little jobs that a big heat press won’t reach.

Whether it be a neck label, branding chest badge or other hard to access areas.

So why not just use a conventional iron. The EasyPress Mini has been made for vinyl transfers and the heat settings adjust perfectly for the different types of material.

The Cricut Easy Press Mini is a must have for your side hustle.

Product Information

  • Compact size ideal for unusually small or unique heat transfer projects.
  • Customize unusual projects like hats, shoes, or stuffed animals.
  • Ceramic coated heat plate for dry, even, edge to edge heat
  • 3 heat settings for every iron on and Infusible Ink project. Maximum input 120V.
  • Insulated safety base and auto shutoff feature.

Made with ease of use in mind
Better than conventional iron.

A little small

Learn more about the Cricut Easy Press MINI now on Amazon

9. TUSY Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation 15″ x 15″

#9 Best Heat Press Machine

TUSY Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation 15″ x 15″

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TUSY heat transfer

The Tusy Sublimation heat press is a solid machine. It’s ideal for a first timer but there are cheaper machines out there.

The adjustable knob allows for thicker materials.

This heat press also comes with an anti over-heating feature which automatically shut off when the temperature is overheating, avoid burning, fire or other accidents.

Product Information

  • Power: 1400W; Voltage: 110V
  • Temperature Range: 0 – 482 F
  • Time Control: 0-999 Second
  • Pressure Adjustable (Full Range)
  • Great for T-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, sweatshirts, banners, blankets, and more.

Safe Anti-overheating Feature.
Large surface area.
Easy to use.

Poor Customer service.
Some reviews state inconsistent heating.

Learn more about the TUSY Digital Heat Press now on Amazon

10. ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Digital Clamshell Heat Press

#10 Best Heat Press Machine

ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Digital Clamshell Heat Press

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ePhotoInc digital is a clamshell style heat press, Giving it a compact easy to use press.

This clamshell uses heavy pressure and high heat to transfer design onto your project permanently.

It’s easy to add additional pressure using the pressure knob on top.

The downside is it’s ridged meaning the only adjustments are the pressure, timer and heat.

has a little temp converter plaque 🙂


Learn more about the ePhotoInc 15 x 15 Heat Press now on Amazon


You have to purchase based on your needs while taking in to consideration price, efficiency and build quality. Because there are so many heat presses on the market all offering different capabilities.

You need to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you going to be producing a large amount of products as a result your heatpress will be used multiple time a day.

Your budget, due to the price ranges of thee products having a high budget can buy you the best on the market. This will give you the best possible quality product you can make.


What side hustle can I create using a heatpress

The most popular one is a t-shirt business. You can also press on to hat, caps, cups, plates and many more.

Do you need a heat press for vinyl?

The short answer is yes however you can test designs before committing by using a conventional iron. This isn’t recommended for professional use.

What is a good size heat press

The most popular heat press plate size is 15″ X 15″ however they do come in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.

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