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You can get your amazon associates tag from your amazon marketplace.
The eBay campaign ID is found at
Copy your link and share too your follows.
Add &tab=feed/ebay/amazon/etsy too load the tab you want.

Link to a query and you get paid.

Unlike almost all other affiliate sites, we allow you too take your share.

Create a link and we'll do all the hard work.

How it works.

  • Sign up to the popular affiliate sites
  • Once approved come to this page and fill in the form.
  • Copy the link in the Your paying link section
  • Promote/Share/Upload your link.

When one of your users/followers goes to the link your affiiliate tags will be used.*

Terms of use

There are a few limitations too using tagged links. We have the right too block access too tagged links for no reason what so ever. These may include but not limited too. Abuse of the system, low quality leads, misuse of amazons or eBay's terms and conditions. Low quality leads could be a number of reasons from countries that don't convert into sales. The reason for this is it uses up valuable resources, bandwidth, and may slow or disrupt the service for others.

If for whatever reason our affiliates Throttle your tags we will resort back to our affiliate tags. This ensures our users a continuous and undisrupted workflow.

Please read Amazon and eBay terms and condition.

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